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Frank Slater biography

Frank Slater, Ph.D., CTG, CITM, and CTM, is CEO of IGA since 1997 and a senior instructor. He brings 50 years of corporate, education, and travel experience to IGA.. Frank initially earned his CITM and CTG from the International Guide Academy and then earned his CTM (Certificate in Tour Management) from the International Association of Tour Managers (London) and the University of Breda, The Netherlands. For over ten years, Frank has been a Gold Member of the International Tour Manager Association (London) and a member of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. He has been an International Tour Manager in North America, Central and South America, Europe, Middle East (Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel and Jordan), northern Africa, South Pacific and Asia, and has worked on cruise ships in Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Europe.

"The day after I retired from the corporate world, I was traveling in Europe. After my certification with IGA, I have been paid to work on six of the seven continents. My certification from the International Guide Academy has opened the world of travel to me. I enjoy researching new places, meeting new people and sharing my love of travel with my passengers throughout the world. Being able to train new Tour Managers and Tour Guides is a great pleasure for me."

He has been a Tour Guide in Alaska, New York, Colorado and California. Frank has served on the Advisory Board of Travel and Tourism in Denver. He has been a Tour Manager in over 20 USA states including Alaska and Hawaii and has personally traveled in 49 of the USA states. Frank's Tour Management has also taken him to New Zealand, England, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Monaco, France, and Italy. In the past few years he has worked in India, Nepal, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador, Jamaica, Belize and Honduras. His assignments have included motorcoach tours and cruise ships. Frank received his education in both the USA and England and has lived throughout the USA, England, The Netherlands and Mexico. Frank is a published author, published photographer and paid speaker as well as a sought after industry consultant. In 2010/2011, he had commitments in the USA and Canada as well as with the cruise line industry. His latest book "Cuernavaca, Mexico -- Your Personal Guide" was published in May 2009. He is currently working on a new book of Travel Tips and Tricks scheduled for publication in mid-2012 and travel commitments for 2012 in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. Contact is:
You can also follow Frank on Twitter, username "bepaidtotravel"

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Frank Slater, CEO

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Frank instructing one of the classes.

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IGA CEO Frank Slater explaining the difference between a Tour Manager and a Tour Guide.