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Daniel Slater biography

Daniel Slater, CITM, CTG, CTM, President/Owner and senior instructor is a graduate of both certification programs, and has been in the travel industry for 20 years. He has worked as a motorcoach operator, motorcoach company owner, and tour company owner. His travels have taken him to 30+ USA states, Mexico, Canada, Denmark, Jamaica, Aruba, Guatemala, Belize and numerous Caribbean islands. He has completed 4 tours in China in the last 36 months.

When asked "Where is the favorite part of the world in which you travel?", I usually reply: "Wherever I am at that time". I know that the world is always changing and, even when I do the same tour back-to-back, I and my passengers can see completely different things from the prior tour. My passengers see and experience different aspects of all the places visited. As for myself, I love to see my passengers enjoying themselves and I get to share their happiness while I insure the smooth flow of the tour and provide the entertainment and education of their tour as well as all the work required behind the scenes, so to speak, to insure they have a vacation of a lifetime. That is my job and that is what is expected by the Tour Operators that hire me. It is truly the best job in the world."

Daniel is a professional Tour Guide in Colorado and enjoys his Tour Management assignments. At the request of the Jamaican Tourism industry, he worked in Jamaica preparing lesson plans for training local Jamaican Tour Guides. He appeared on the Jamaican edition of the Early Morning Show and has been interviewed on local Colorado television. Daniel earned his CITM and CTG from the International Guide Academy and then further earned his CTM from the International Association of Tour Managers (London) and the University of Breda, The Netherlands and is a published author and industry consultant. He sits on the Advisory Board of the International Association of Tour Directors and Guides and he is also responsible for updating the IGA website. Contact is:  You can also follow Daniel on Twitter, username "guideacademy".

Daniel Slater biography

Daniel Slater, President/Owner

Daniel Teaching

Daniel instructing in Mexico.

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