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Denver Classes

The following International Tour Director courses will be held in Denver, Colorado.  Remember, we hold classes in many locations.

August 10 - 18, 2019      Denver  In Session

 December 7 - 15, 2019    Denver    Click here to enroll now!

March 14 - 22, 2020    Denver    Click here to enroll now!

Additional classes are being scheduled for 2020.

All classes are 80 hours of Classroom, Motorcoach, and Research training.

Denver Tour Director classes: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, Wednesday, and the following Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Tuesday and Thursday (as well as before and after class) you will work in small groups for approximately 15 to 25 hours of additional research. Instructors are available for these individual and group activities. Graduation is the last Sunday.

Terms & Conditions:  Registration fee for the International Tour Director Course is $100 and the tuition is $1,695 for a total of $1,795.

You are free to arrange your own housing if you wish. IGA has rooms available onsite $89 (single or double) per night plus tax.   Breakfast is included in this price. Feel free to call for details.

Personal and Cashier's Checks, PayPal, or MasterCard, American Express,and Visa debit/credit cards are accepted. Each course carries its own certification leading to rewarding careers. All books, materials, etc. required are included in the tuition. Lifetime placement assistance is available at no charge for all of our graduates.

Checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal are accepted. Each course is independent of the other and both need not be taken to be certified. Each course carries its own certification. All books, material, etc. required are included in the tuition. Lifetime placement assistance is available at no charge for all of our graduates.

We are accepting registrations in all of our scheduled 2019/2020 courses.

Questions? Email us at or call (303) 780.0131.


This course is intended for those wishing to work as a local Tour Guide. Tour Guides are knowledgeable within a specific locality such as a city, region, state or a specific geographic area. They provide walking tours, step-on guide service, local driver guide, on-site tours and may work special events, "meet and greets", etc. They are rarely away from home overnight. Scroll down for tuition costs.

Terms & Conditions:  Registration fee for the Tour Guide Course (when held) is $100 and the tuition for the Tour Guide course is $795 for a total of $895.

You can take both courses for only $2,590 with discount. Both courses are independent of each other and lead to separate career paths. They do, however, complement each other. Course content is different in both classes offered.

Tour Operators, Cruise Lines, Motorcoach companies, and Meeting Planning Companies hire our Certified International Tour Managers. Destination Management Companies, Visitors Bureaus, Tour Guiding Companies, Event Planners, and Hotels hire our Certified Tour Guides.


Gov Owens

Frank Slater with former Colorado Governor Bill Owens after Governor Owens added $10 million to the state budget to increase tourism into Colorado.

people choice

A few of our students on tour.

Denver Skyline