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Mexico March 12 - 24, 2017

CUERNAVACA, MEXICO  International Tour Director Certification Program:

March 12 - 24, 2017       In Session!

Enjoy a cultural experience like no other in an authentic and fun environment while you earn your certification.  "The only concern in coming to this program is that you may want to stay forever".  Come see why Cuernavaca is called "The City of Eternal Spring". The year-round wonderful weather makes this city a desirable place to visit and live.

2017 will be our 9th year holding courses in Cuernavaca. Come and take your certification program in one of Mexico's safest cities and learn why Mexico City is the fastest-growing travel destination in Latin America.

This 13-day certification program has the same course content as the programs in the USA, Canada, and on the Norwegian cruise ships and offers the same certification. This course is taught in English.

Students should fly into Mexico City airport no later than 11 March. The airfare to Mexico City may be less than from your location to other IGA class locations. Students will travel to Cuernavaca from the Mexico City airport via a reserved seat on the Pullman de Morelos motorcoach (you will be reimbursed for this transportation if you have selected the housing package available to you).

Housing is with local families.  These are large homes, with swimming pools, wireless internet, gardens, private, walk to shopping, etc.. Included in your housing are two meals per day. This consists of a large breakfast in the morning and a full meal in the late afternoon.

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Prior students all indicated that the quality of the home stays was much higher than they had expected.  All vegetables and fruits served are prepared with purified water. Linens, towels, and purified drinking water are also provided in your room. The homes are within a short distance of the facility where the program is held. Cuernavaca family homes are at a high level of comfort and the instructors stay in these same homes. 

The program hours are 08:30 to 15:00 on all days class is in session.

A local walking tour of historic Cuernavaca is included (Thursday 16 March) and there is a full day motorcoach training tour within Mexico City on Saturday 18 March. This is included in the price of the training program.

There will be a full day motorcoach training tour including Xochicalco and the Hacienda Vista Hermosa. This is part of your training program.

A graduation "fiesta" will be held following the completion of class.

Cost of the program is US $200.00 for enrollment. Tuition and all course materials is US$1,595.00.

14 nights housing with 2 meals per day, reimbursed transportation to Cuernavaca from the airport and return via Pullman de Morelos motorcoach, a day trip to Mexico City area, a guided walking tour of Cuernavaca, trip to Xochicalco, and more, is only US$620.00. A private room and bath to yourself can be had for an additional US$210 (Only US$15 per night).

We suggest enrolling as soon as you can make an informed decision. Tuition and housing must be paid 45 days prior to the start of the program. Student enrollments within 45 days of the program start should remit payment in full at time of enrollment.

Any student that is not a citizen of Mexico needs a valid passport to enter the country.

Please note: You can include one or more weeks prior to the start of training, or after training is completed, in a Spanish Language Immersion Program. Ask us for details or visit:

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We are accepting registrations in all our scheduled 2017  courses.

Questions? Email us at or call 303.780.0131.

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Terms & Conditions:

Registration fee for the International Tour Manager Course is US$200.00. Tuition is US$1,595.00.

14 nights housing with 2 meals per day, a day trip to Mexico City, a guided walking tour of Cuernavaca, a personal handbook on Cuernavaca, and all course materials is only US$620.00. Single supplement is only US$210.00.

Previous Mexico students have commented:

Lorna Pizzorni, California wrote "this experience was beyond any expectation I had been considering attending an IGA class. Informative is an understatement. Thank you for providing all the instruction, excursions and opportunities for meeting everyone involved with your entire program, not to mention having met wonderful people. I am looking forward to the future adventures with the knowledge you have provided."

"Thank You very much for the incredible educative experience that you have provided in the course.
The knowledge that you gave was not only very informative, lively, full of humor and great details, but also very practical for the tourism profession and for life in general. As teachers, you were the best that I ever had, and as people you were caring, funny, friendly, and full of energy-people who I want to meet again in the future.
Your enthusiasm about the subject and energetic spirit created a unique atmosphere for the students and the learning process, uniting all of us, and making us friends in life and profession for a long time to come. Thank You again for providing the experience of a lifetime, full of memories and experiences that I will keep in my portfolio forever." Marina Lyakhova, New York

"Thank you for the amazing opportunity you have provided for me here in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The program here is excellent, and I will be sure to recommend it to anyone and everyone. With the skills I learned here I am confident on being hugely successful and hope to see you down the road. Cheers." Nick Lehwald, Maryland.

"Muchas gracias a todos con IGA. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new way of life outside of my previous corporate "burnout, early heart attack job". I am looking forward to the adventures ahead.
Barbara Schubert, Florida

"I cannot even begin to thank you enough for providing this opportunity as a way to potentially change the course of our professional lives. And I cannot wait make that change and begin my new journey. I look forward to staying in touch -to say the least- and will be more than happy to help out, be a resource, or do anything at all to help anyone at any time, please know that. You and your school are appreciated more than you know. Janet Kasper, Florida

"Thank you for all of your support over the past 2 weeks. This was such a great experience for our group. James Nicholson, North Carolina

"The past 2 weeks have been intense and exciting. I truly enjoyed listening and talking with you inside and outside the class. Your professionalism and your warm and glowing personalities have been highly inspirational to me. I wish one day I can be as successful a tour manager as you all are. Hope all the best to you and your school. Warm wishes." Hsien "Jack" Wu, New Jersey

"Thank you for the wealth of information! I have really enjoyed the experience. Not having been in a classroom in over 32 years. It was especially helpful having instructors available outside of class time to offer advice and support. Also, their families providing the home stays have been a joy to get to know. Thank you so much." Judy Scott, Arizona

Thank you for such a GREAT class. Thank you for sharing all of your stories. I can't wait to have my own to share with you. Thank you.  ---Julia Vonder Reith, New York

The class was way more intense than what I anticipated. I appreciate the in-depth course study. I am confident that I am ready to begin this new part of my life. Thanks again, ---Curtis Evans, Texas

I found the class to be amazing, fun, informative, exciting and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a career in the industry. Thanks for everything. ---Robert Thierfelder, New Jersey

It is difficult to express how much I appreciate your spirit and experience and generosity. I had a fabulous time! Gracias. ---Eileen Zepeda, Illinois

This class has been an adventure of a lifetime for me. I have learned so much about this exciting career and about myself. I appreciate your wealth of knowledge, experience tips and guidance. I know they will all prove to be invaluable.  ---Sue Shuck, Iowa

I received a job interview from a European company just days after I earned my certificate. Thank you.  ---Maria Vargas, California

I am in peace with myself because I took this class. It was an excellent class for me. I got lots of knowledge from all of you. You covered many many things. It was very well explained with lots of examples that are going to help me as a tour director. The world did change and you all are following the changes, which make the classes much better and interesting.  --Carla Gardenia Lustosa Bucar-Ryan, Brazil

Thank you for everything. Taking this course is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. All of you are not only great teachers, but excellent role models. I will keep in touch. Thanks. --Allison Bitten, Illinois

Great 2 weeks. Very effective instruction. Nice balance of personalities and styles, of all the teachers. On our field trips, the narration brought site visits alive. Thanks for everything.  --Paul Bjork, Colorado

I have had a wonderful time and have learned many new things that will help me be the best tour manager I can be. The best part of this course was discovering that my thoughts about being a tour manager were verified. Thanks to all of you for a wonderful educational 2 weeks. --Terri Sinclair, Texas

Thank you so much for a most wonderful experience! The instruction, instructors, energy, motivation and genuine sense of your desire to help make us the best tour managers possible. I appreciate you all very much and attribute a great deal of my excitement for this profession to you. --Bara Robertson, Oregon

I am so happy for being one of your students, you and your staff are the best instructors I ever had. The 2 weeks went so fast, I learned so much.  Thank you so much for your support, patience and understandings. --Gabriella Ioana, Las Vegas

I want to thank you so much for a wonderful experience. This has been a memorable 2 weeks that I will never forget. You have made my career change options more hopeful. I will not forget all of the people I have met in my class. I feel fortunate to have spent time with each and every person in my class and intend on keeping in contact with them and IGA. You run a 1st rate operation, and I will pass on your information to more people that I believe will be interested in taking your class. Thank you and I will stay in touch. --Juli McCormick, Minnesota

Since the first communication with IGA, you have been professional and caring. This was a fantastic course, full of opportunities to practice real life situations and full of written take-home books and information. Thank you so much! Wish I could take all of you with me on my 1st tour. --Kathy Hill, Texas

So glad I took the course. I did indeed learn many things and learned how to improve what I already do. The setting here in Mexico is amazing. Thanks for the learning tours we took into Mexico City and to Xochicalco, fascinating…will always remember my experience here. --Bernie Wentzek, Washington DC and Oregon Tour Guide

I had a wonderful time and learned a lot. Cuernavaca is a charming and beautiful location. I will recommend IGA to anyone interested in becoming a Tour Manager. You made the learning process fun. --Melani Roewe, Oklahoma

It has been a great learning experience and I appreciate what you have done and what I have learned. Best wishes. --Kay Orias, California

Thank you so much! This has been a great experience and I am so grateful for all you have taught us in this course. I feel so much more confident about the future. It has been wonderful making new friends also. Thanks again, take care and best wishes. --Ronda Cornelius, Missouri

Wonderful people, wonderful course. --Liza Lebrun, Maryland

Thank you so much for this experience. I wish I could stay and learn more. I feel that I have just skimmed the surface of your knowledge and you have so much more you can teach me. It has been a great experience. --Rob Robinson, California

I am so glad to have met you and found this course. It has been a memorable experience. I have learned a lot about the business and about myself. I have had a great time and made some good friends. Thank you. --Gabriel Bianchi, Cuneo, Italy

TM Feb Mexico 2011

Students from the February 2011 class in Cuernavaca.

Mexico diversity

Countries represented in just this class:  Canada, Ireland, France, USA, Japan, S. Africa, and Switzerland




sept 2007

Students in class.




mex City 1

Some of our students and instructors in Mexico City



Certs mexico

Students proudly displaying the certificates they earned



Maru and Rosita

Sra. Maru Cortes and Sra. Rosita Partida, Housing Directors.



mexico housing 1

An example of the housing you will receive in Mexico



mexico housing 2



Mexico Breakfast

Students at breakfast, which is included as part of the housing package.






Mexico 2007

Another successful class enjoying everything Mexico has to offer