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Listed below are some companies we partner with, some opportunities to help you obtain travel insurance, to obtain must-have travel items, etc.

Travel Insurance:  Consider what would happen if you became too ill to travel, became ill while traveling, lost your luggage, or any number of potential pitfalls that travelers encounter.  Having Travel Insurance could prevent you from losing out if something unfortunate were to happen.

We partner with selected companies and offer our recommendations on other quality products and services.
Travel Insurance:  Consider what would happen if you were injured, became ill, lost your luggage, or some other unforeseen event should occur while you are traveling.  Having Travel Insurance can save you time, money and inconvenience.

International Guide Academy has partnered with Travelx for several years to provide travelers with the best coverage and flexible options for ALL types of travel - single trip, travel for business, frequent travelers, etc. This coverage is now available to you.  To get a free quote and learn more, click here to connect to Travelx Insurance. . 

To learn about other types of travel insurance based on your specific needs, click on the icon below

   HealthCare International

Travel insurance is very affordable, and we encourage travelers to consider obtaining coverage. Many companies offer these policies. The two companies we have mentioned meet our highest standards. However, you should choose the company and policy that best fits your circumstances.

Having the proper clothing for your travels is extremely important. 
Daniel personally recommends the Scott-E-Vest. Their products are ideally designed for carrying travel and safety items. A favorite choice is their 23-pocket vest capable of holding water bottles, iPads, iPods with ear buds, paperwork, passport, and money while maintaining a fashionable look. They also sell hats, shirts, jackets, pants, and accessories that hold all of your travel valuables safely, which helps make airport security checks much more efficient. Most items come in multiple styles, colors, and sizes for men and women.  Most items come in multiple styles, colors, and sizes for men and women.  Click here to find out more about these absolutely indispensable travel items.