Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Below is the day by day curriculum for our Tour Director Program:

Day One: Orientation and introduction to the program

Tour Director Leadership
Sources of income for the Tour Director
Principles of professional conduct and ethics
Tour Traveler Index
Glossary and review of industry terms
How a tour is developed by the Tour Operator and Marketed
Growing trends in the Travel and Tourism industry
Team building exercise for course participants
Profile of a Tour Director
Pre-departure preparation by the Tour Director
Commentary planning
Your role as Tour Operator representative
Tour debriefing

Day Two: Public speaking presentations by students  (recorded)
Airline and airport procedures
Missing passports
International airport departures
Airline group check-in
Airline check-in enroute
Airline reconfirmations
Airline cancellations, re-routes and forced overnight
Baggage handling and tracking on motor coach
Lost or missing baggage
Client Welcome guidelines and content
Hotel procedures of arrival of motor coach and passengers
Lobby duty by the Tour Director
Concerns you might experience at hotels
Day Three: Public speaking and motor coach narration
Cultural practices
Leisure days on tour
Group departure from hotels
Courtesy hotel rooms
Included city tours
Working with the local city guide
Motor coach travel
Motor coach microphone training
Motor coach commentary 
Day Four: Course participants work together in small groups on
assigned projects, i.e., “hotel walk”, researching narration for
actual motor coach travel later on in the course, preparation and 
development of their “client welcome”, etc.
Day Five: Technology and the Tour Director
How you and your passengers can protect the environment while on tour

Teamwork with the motor coach driver
Discussion with an experienced motor coach driver
Motor coach breakdowns
Review of research test assignments (provided prior to the start of          the program)
Review of course content covered to this point
Balance of day on individual and group role playing
Day Six: This day is spent with each student receiving a mock interview for the position of Tour Director.  When available, the interview is conducted by a representative of a Tour Operator.
Day Seven: Students are on a motor coach
Practicing narration with 
Microphone usage, seat rotation,
Safety, etc.

Optional Excursions organization, selling and control
Working with the suppliers of the optional excursions
Group psychology
Effective handling skills of individuals on your tour
Effective handling skills of group dynamics
Group harmony on tour
Passengers with concerns
Passenger emergencies, i.e. illness, death, missing, leaving tour, etc.

Day Eight: Each student presents their “Client Welcome” (recorded)

Written test

Day Nine: Motor coach tour with each student presenting narration
Review of student presentations
Review of written test
The final afternoon is devoted to “getting hired”.  Cover letters, 
resumes, telephone interview procedures, discussion of Tour 
Operator hiring tips, hiring book with hundreds of personalized
hiring managers and their contact information, etc.
Following the completion of the program all graduates have free lifetime job placement assistance.  This includes cover letter and resume reviews, newsletters on Tour Operators looking to hire International Guide Academy graduates, industry updates, option to audit future classes, etc. 

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