What The Tourism Industry Says About The International Guide Academy:

“We have not had any shortage of experts to lead our programs in Cuba, but I expect that newer entries to the market may face challenges due to increased competition. Most of our Tour Directors and all our local Cuban guides come to us through referrals from existing tourism entities in Cuba. We appreciate our association with the International Guide Academy.

Peggy GoldmanPresident, Friendly Planet Travel

“The International Guide Academy provides a strong, thorough and real-world curriculum that helps ensure that its graduates will be highly attractive to potential employers. The Lifetime Free Job Placement assistance program, in itself, makes taking the courses worthwhile.” – Marc Mancini, Ph.D., is the Author of “Conducting Tours”. A Professor at West Los Angeles College, he is one of the travel industry’s best-known speakers, educators, and consultants. Dr. Mancini has authored or produced 12 books, 24 videos, three CD-ROM’s, and over 200 articles. His works have been syndicated by The Los Angeles Times and Prodigy. He has appeared on CNN, Showtime and ABC’s Good Morning America.

Marc Mancini

“We have been impressed with the graduates of International Guide Academy. Mayflower Tours has several IGA alumni who have represented our company for many years. The industry is constantly changing yet the one constant that is important to the group tour market is an excellent Tour Manager. IGA provides a great foundation on which to build experience.”

Gary L. HaverkampCTC, Vice President of Operations, Mayflower Tours

“We have had wonderful experiences hiring graduates from your academy. They have been awesome… we can’t say enough good things about them and your program! In fact, we are looking for Tour Managers and Tour Guides exclusively from the International Guide Academy.”

Chuck Grudowski C&G Tours

“We are thrilled to have “discovered” IGA. Our first experience with an IGA graduate was so successful that it has prompted us to include IGA graduates in our future searches for Course Leaders for our programs. We look forward to working with IGA much more closely in the future.”

Mary Ellen PauliDirector, Course Leaders, WorldStrides

“It has been a pleasure and very assuring to use the guides that graduate from IGA. We have used graduates from IGA for many years now and have never been disappointed with their knowledge of the Group Tour Business, especially during these very uncertain times. Our tour managers play a very integral part in ensuring a quality tour experience for our tour participants and for this we thank you.”

William A. BuswellPresident & CEO, New England Vacation Tours Inc.

“The International Guide Academy is a valued member of the National Tour Association and I am always confident in recommending IGA’s services to those who contact NTA seeking certification and training in being a tour director or tour guide.”

Jason JonesAssistant Director of Education, National Tour Ass’n.

“Your graduates are among the best in the nation. Keep up the great work!”

Randy JulianJulian Tours; Alexandria, Virginia

“America needs the Hospitality Industry now more than ever. And the industry needs positive, eager, well-trained employees just as badly to carry us forward. At this time of national unrest, travel and tourism offers a healthy diversion from media negativity, re-instills pride and turns strangers into friends. Perhaps nowhere is this more possible than when a group travels together. But there is another factor essential to this formula–the Tour Manager. A good escort holds the group’s collective attitude, safety and experience in the palm of his/her hand. Thank heaven for the International Guide Academy, which equips students to be worthy of the task. How do I know this? I’ve hired their graduates. Plus, I’m one myself.”

Clayton WhiteheadCTP, CITM, Vice President Sports Leisure Vacations, Sacramento, California

“I hired three of your graduates for our annual Rose Parade Tour and they were GREAT! I would hire all of them back. Thank you for having them available and for your training.”

Teri WebsterAAA Arizona

“We know that in this industry, the Tour Guide and Tour Manager play an integral part in ensuring the quality of every tour experience. To my clients, they are my representatives for my company. I expect and demand that all those I hire perform in an outstanding, professional and ethical manner. We know that the graduates of IGA are expertly trained and will accomplish their assignments in a manner that ensures customer satisfaction and repeat business. The easiest way to endorse their training program is to say that I have never been disappointed with anyone I have hired that has been certified by them. For these reasons, we only work with Tour Guides and Tour Managers that have been trained and certified by the International Guide Academy.”

Sid WilsonPresident, A Private Guide, Inc

As it happens, our top guides are graduates from your Academy. We give preference to applicants for the position of guide who come from IGA. They are well trained in the basics and superior to others we interview.

Netty SchlackOwner, Southwest Discovery

“Story-Land and Sea requires our Tour Captains to go beyond the traditional call of duty and that’s why we are so impressed with the graduates of IGA. Their dedication to service and knowing their destination reflects greatly on IGA’s mission.”

Mark StoryProgram Director, Story-Land and Sea

“I have been hiring International Guide Academy graduates for a number of years now and will continue to do so in the future. They bring to the job a level of knowledge that allows them to perform VERY well for our company’s passengers. They have a GOOD insight into the needs of our passengers and their training is reflected in their performance.”

Susanne LorenzAdventure Travel West, Inc

“We look forward to working with IGA, as always.”

Scott BrushGM, Colorado Charter Tour

“If you have ever thought about entering the exciting field of tour directing then the International Guide Academy, in Denver, Colorado, is your best option. Their staff are professionals actually working in the industry and their training is first rate. I give them my highest recommendation.” – Ron Stern, travel photojournalist and travel columnist for the San Diego Community Newspaper Group, Media Trip Chairperson of the North American, Travel Journalists Association, Travel Columnist: Seniors Marketplace News, and Editor in Chief: Just Say Go

Ron Stern

“We sometimes need up to 30 and 40 guides. The guides we hire must be enthusiastic, able to think on their feet and knowledgeable. We demand the professionalism that is taught to the students at the International Guide Academy.”

Nicole MarshPresident and Owner, The AXS Group, Inc

“I hire IGA graduates. I can rely on consistently well-trained people that are confident and high caliber and because of their IGA training know what they are doing when they are hired. IGA training makes a big difference.”

Hiring ManagerTour Operations, Globus family of brands

“IGA trains their graduates so that they are prepared to handle any situation which may arise on their very first tour. Maupintour guests expect a great deal of professionalism from their Tour Manager and I appreciate that this is instilled in the Tour Manager course at IGA.”

Anita Andersonformer Director of Tour Managers, MAUPINTOUR

“Accolades to you for the quality of tour managers who graduate from IGA.”

Joyce BeckTour Development, Specialty Tours

What International Guide Academy Graduates Say:

“For almost 40 adult years of my life, I have always considered education an important part of my growth. As such I have investigated, enrolled, taken courses, etc. since 1970. In all my years, I have never received as much support and respect for me as an individual than I had from the International Guide Academy. What amazed me most was how much time they spent with me on the telephone and with e-mails prior to my deciding to go to their school. I got to say that the course itself was fantastic and now as a graduate I continue to receive personal attention to all my needs. Thank you.”

Andreas NielsonBerlin, Germany

“I am writing this six years after taking the tour manager program with the International Guide Academy. If you asked me would I do it again, the answer is yes. If you asked me if I would do anything different, the answer is another yes. I should have taken the program 10 years before I did. Thank you for allowing me to have my dreams come true and live a life my friends envy. Traveling the world and getting income to do so.”

Sandra ThorntonConway, Wales

“After my husband’s death I literally stayed in my condo for over one year. My friends insisted I go with them on an escorted tour. Reluctantly I did. The Tour Director was excellent and very caring of me. I asked her about her job and she told me about the International Guide Academy and how they opened a new career for her. It took me another two years before I even went to their web site and asked for their catalog and almost another year before I took the course in Denver. My experience was wonderful. I came out of my cave and now I have new friends all over the world”

Barbara E. Newark, New Jersey

“I wanted more than a job change, I wanted more than a career change, what I really desired was a meaningful life change and then I found the International Guide Academy. The program was intense and you had to earn your certification not just “show up” in class. I can truly say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I am traveling, meeting people, seeing and experiencing different parts of the USA and getting paid to travel. If you want the most rewarding and exciting job in the world maybe it’s time you thought about changing your life and do what I did. Join the family of International Guide Academy graduates.”

Juana Vero RamonSan Juan, Puerto Rico

“If I had to pick a highlight of this school I couldn’t. I’d pick three. The instructors were simply the best as well as the curriculum. I say this based on attending educational programs for over thirty years. Then the international choices given to attend the program were excellent (I chose the program location in Mexico.) I comparison shopped with other programs being offered throughout the world and the IGA overall price could not be beat. Finally, the support I received after completing the certification program is outstanding. hmmm…I guess that is more than three highlights. Oh by the way, I received 2 full season job offers from different Tour Operators, both within about 90 days after graduation.”

David EdwardsKona, Hawaii

“I earned my certification with IGA a few years ago and just had to write. The program was a great learning experience and I could not have been successful in this career without this training. My passenger comments continue to record my performance as a Tour Director as over 95% excellent. It is no wonder that I continue to get job offers from the Tour Operators. Thank you IGA for your training and continued support to me even years after my graduation.”

Paula WatkinsChicago, IL

“Losing my bank job was devastating to my ego and financial position. My state’s Workforce Program paid for me to attend the certification program at IGA. Not only did I learn the skills required of a Tour Director but my self-worth improved 1000% during the course. Now I am working as a Tour Director. It was my first season (2009) and my assignments were not full time but now I received offers that kept me full all season of work throughout 2010.”

Mary Beth Orton

“My certification from the Tour Manager program at IGA provided numerous employment opportunities to me. The certification course gave me the skills and confidence in all aspects of the escorted tour sector of the Travel and Tourism industry, and has allowed me to create an active and well paid lifestyle with the best office … the world and being paid to travel.”

Charles CancroVancouver and Berlin

“I have been able to travel all over Europe and Asia, sharing my love of travel with my passengers as a Tour Manager. My attending IGA was the best decision of my life, because I now get to travel and get paid for it. No other job in the world could possibly be better in my mind.”

Donna TofoyaSacramento, CA

“IGA prepared me with more than I could have ever imagined. It gave me not only the ability to be “tour ready” but confidence that I could do this job. I knew I loved to travel, I gained a solid knowledge of the escorted tour industry and I finished the certification program and experienced countless opportunities for work. The instructors were outstanding, enthusiastic and helpful.”

Lara HartmannMiami, FL

“Within two months after graduation, I started work with a cruise line as a shore excursion supervisor and after gaining a lot experience on the cruise ship, I decided I wanted to work as a Tour Director. I immediately gained employment as a Tour Director with a European Tour Operator. The education I received from IGA allowed me to enter this position with confidence and I love my job.”

Constance ButlerDallas, TX

“Your catalog and personal contact far exceed all others I have looked at. Thank you. My enrollment form is in the mail to you.”

Agatha FisherLondon, Great Britain

“In your program, I found the instruction and advice both hand-on and practical. Instead of preaching a lot of untested theories and strategies, you and your instructors gave solid information that is current and taught by people actually doing the job. It is obviously well thought out and presented, and is very easy to understand.”

Martha DennisonToronto, Canada

“In summary, I strongly recommend your program to all those wanting to obtain the best training program that leads to a certification as an International Tour Manager or Tour Guide. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Aldo S. WeintzNew York City

“Every phase of my experience was outstanding beginning with the answering of questions I had before I registered, I had multiple instructors throughout the program and all of them were fabulous. I learned the material not just through classroom work, but through role playing, group assignments and my favorite the actual motorcoach tour. It was truly an experience of a lifetime and I am now working in the industry as a Certified Tour Manager and as IGA stated, being paid to travel.”

Jeff WritenourKentucky

“I have learned so much from this class! Because I had organized and managed tours for Ladies Clubs, family and friends, I pompously thought I knew a great deal about managing a tour. I was so wrong! Much to my pleasant surprise, I learned ten times more than I expected. The instructors know their stuff and are very approachable. Thank you for giving me the tools I need for my professional improvement.”

Elizabeth QuinAlabama

“My Irish eyes are smiling. I took and completed my certification at the International Guide Academy and talk about the luck of the Irish. I was considering another school but soon found out that this school is the best. I asked other Europeans for their input and they all pointed me to the IGA. After completing the course and getting hired, I join their ranks in praise for this truly international school and their program.”

Margaret Mary FayIreland

“This experience has been great! IGA delivered everything they promised! I loved the outings and people. The instructors were endearing and professional. I loved hearing from instructors whose experiences and stories were invaluable. Thanks to all of you at IGA for being an important step in making my dreams a reality.”

Toni DoriotFlorida

“Thank goodness I was surfing the NET and found IGA. The experience and tricks of the trade secrets will last a lifetime. I felt like the entire class was here for all the right reasons. Thank you so much for your professional and personable leadership.”

Crissy SwartzCzech Republic

“I was traveling through the USA on an escorted tour. The Tour Manager was the best I ever encountered and I have been on 17 escorted tours on 5 continents. This person was simply the best I have ever seen. She was professional, knowledgeable, energetic, and had a strong sense of ethics. I had the pleasure of speaking with her and learned she received her training with the International Guide Academy. She highly recommended them. I did my own research and chose to enroll. Now I am on the road earning a wonderful income and all thanks to the International Guide Academy.”

Susan ManfredEngland

“Everything I learned through my IGA course has led me to a success…and a great addition to my resume!”

Dorotha CicchinelliColorado

“I cannot tell you how happy I am that I was able to take and finish this program. I learned so much and really had no idea how involved it was to be a memorable, professional Tour Guide. I hope to make not only myself, but all of you, proud. I know everything you taught me will be put to good use in my profession as a Tour Guide.”

Rosalie ShaeferColorado

“You know being 25 isn’t always easy. I have spent quite a few years wondering how I could make my college education worth all the money my parents funneled into it. Let me tell you one thing, it isn’t serving coffee. IGA came along during the peak of my quarter-life crisis. I was very hesitant at first to take such a big leap but I knew within 30 minutes of the start of the class I had made the right decision. I never imagined I would feel so well equipped to charge head-on into the travel industry. Thank you for the passion with which you teach and the inspiration you bestow as we the newest batch of grads leave the fold. I hope (I know) we will meet again.”

Ty Hallmark

“Thank you so very much for an outstanding course and a wonderful experience! I came into this class knowing almost nothing about being a Tour Manager. Now, I know I can do this job! I do not know that I have ever learned as much in such a short time as I have these past 10 days. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the training and will recommend your courses to everyone I can”

Marsha Adelson

“It was my lucky day when I Googled Tour Guide Schools and up popped the International Guide Academy. I appreciate your level of integrity in running a very professional and practical Tour Guide course. I was truly excited to come to classes. I am that much more excited to give my first paid tour! You have touched the lives of many in such a positive manner. I also admire your compassion, understanding, and humanitarian efforts to make such a fabulous school. Thanks again!”

Cella RobertsColorado

“Thank you for the exciting journey! Your course was everything I wanted and more.”

Karyn McCaffreyNew York

“I just returned home from an interview with Village Tours & Travel. I am happy to report that I am their newest Tour Escort. I will be taking my training tour over New Year’s and then going solo. They will be able to keep me very active starting in the spring… They were very impressed that I received formal training, so this is another testament to the fact that your school and training can make a difference when applying for a job. I am so excited to begin my new career and cannot thank you enough for all you have done.”

Rhonda Davis

“I want to thank you all for the great experience in getting my certification. You guys are great!!! I am very thankful that you put us through the hard work; they always say that things worth getting usually involve pain and sacrifice, but result in growth and knowledge, hopefully this will pay off in near future. Thanks again.”

Maria Moya

“I have always felt that I was very glad I took your wonderful course. I not only learned a lot about the industry, but about myself and whether or not I could do it.”

Debbie Thompson

“Thank you so much for the vast amount of information. Terrific teaching style. Wonderful perspectives on a complicated and demanding profession. Time well spent.”

Spencer FriedmanColorado

“Your course material states I’d be ‘tour-ready’ after just 10 days. To be honest I was skeptical. You’ve made me a believer. Your material is comprehensive and reality based. All the instructors are professional, gracious and compassionate. Thanks for everything.”

Sharon EllisFlorida

“I really enjoyed the course and just today it dawned on me how this course did and will change my life!…I will go out there and be ready. Thanks so much.”

Doreen BauchGermany

“Through your class, I found myself able to do more than I thought I could. I’m so thankful for this wonderful and self-enriching experience.”

Sherin SandersWashington

“Fantastic class. Exceeded expectations. Thanks so much!”

Carol SoukIllinois

“Thanks to a terrific program, enthusiastically presented and carefully managed, I feel prepared to pursue a new career that a very short time ago, I had no idea about. Just as importantly, my level of self-esteem has received a wonderful boost.”

E.L. ButterworthVirginia

“Well, what can I say? It was great! Thank you, I have enjoyed the program…thanks again.”

Defne YunesTurkey

I found myself without a job, and then I read an article about IGA. I called people who’d done the course and thought, this could be me. It has been tough getting through it all but it has been great. It will give me the opportunity to spend time in two of my favorite places on earth, Colorado, USA and Melbourne, Australia (where my family is). Thanks for a very informative two weeks.”

Carol ByrneAustralia

“An outstanding course, with tremendously knowledgeable and personable instructors. A school with thoughtful and practical curriculum. I emphatically encourage all interested to attend IGA. I only wish I had known about this school earlier in my life.”

Christopher DuranColorado

“I have taken both courses (Tour Manager and Tour Guide). I got a tremendous amount of knowledge from each about different aspects of travel and guiding…this course gave me more background for my personal international travel goals.”

Patricia Rahawi

“As a Tour Operator, I see this class from different perspective. Among our major concerns is to see that the tour goes smoothly from beginning to end. Because of my opportunity to complete the class, I can say my tour company will be 100% more effective to serve my clientele. I also want to complement the instructors for an excellent course designed to complement the travel industry in all aspects. I will certainly recommend this course to all who wish to excel in this business.”

Terry Mansfield

“Whew! I made it through tour management boot camp in one piece! They say “no pain, no gain”. Well, I gained a lot and I’m thankful for having had the opportunity. Thanks for the training and insight.”

E. Ert

“I enjoyed this class tremendously. The class exceeded my expectations. I felt the course really focused on what you needed to know as a tour manager. Unexpectedly, I made many new friends that I look forward to seeing on the road.”

Travis Mason

“Wow! I learned so much. I’ll have to review it again and again just to remember it all. I’m grateful that your company exists so I could receive what I needed to go out and manage successfully. Thank you for your candidness, humor, and frankness with us. I appreciated it. Hope to see you in Morocco. In love and light”

Teresa Aziam

“Through IGA I have been challenged, directed, and relieved to finish. Thank you for guiding me on the new path I have chosen. I am looking forward to new experiences and new friendships.”

Diana Johnson

“This course has been very informative. Everyone has been very helpful and encouraging. Wonderful people. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you.”

Maria Louize

“You have given me the knowledge and resources to fulfill and build my career aspirations. It has shown me that this is a realistic dream and ambition.”

Nikki Niekerk

“Thanks for all your efforts. I’ve been leaning toward this line of work for some time. I appreciate your support and look to an exciting future.”

Dick Kildahl

“Wow! Never in my life have I been surrounded by such an awesome group of people. Smart! Fun! When I came here my goal was to change my stars. Now I am reaching for the stars. I feel like there is nothing I can’t handle. No problem too big. A great class! A great city! And GREAT people!”

Toni Bain

“This class reflected that this is the people’s business. It was awesome to share, grow, and take some risks with such a great, comfortable group of people. Learned a lot to be the best I can in helping other people’s dreams come true.”

Greg Gillett

“This was a fantastic course. Great instructors and fun group of students, also. Thanks for all the knowledge and resources. See you around the world somewhere. Thank you.”

Wendy Maunu

“I happened across the IGA web site by chance a year ago in my search for an exit from a job I greatly disliked. Thanks for very much for an excellent course that has given me a vision of exciting possibilities that may very well lie ahead in tour managing. I can’t wait to get started in my search for my first job on the road. Thanks so very much.”

Debbie Williams

“Wow! What an amazing 10 days. The course was more challenging, more fun, and more enlightening than I ever could have imagined. It also drew more out of me than I even knew existed. Thank you all instructors for instilling in me the abilities and confidence to succeed in the world’s most exciting field. I appreciate it with all my heart.”

Cliff Davidson

“All of you have created a fabulous course. I had no idea how well you were going to allay my fears of taking people on vacations but voila! After class and the included hours of research I have an arsenal of tools to pull out of my carry-on. Thank you for providing an in-road to an industry I hope to be part of for years to come. Thank you all.”

Chris Hardy

“Exciting, unforgettable and stressful. Thank you.”

Anna Elkind

“I want to thank you for the opportunity to attend your program. The course was very intense; it was worth the time and money. I learned a lot. The staff and the materials were superb. Keep up the good work. God Bless, love y’all.”

Pat Johnson

“Sitting here on the last day of class, I feel like the little engine that could and the instructors seemed to be saying I know you can and they did. The amount of information gained will enable me to do what I want travel- as a professional. Their enthusiasm is contagious and it is so obvious that their knowledge and expertise can be given as a gift to others. Thank you for opening new doors for me.”

Jacqui Rothman

“It was so much fun and such a confidence builder. Thanks to all the instructors for all their time and attention. It was great.”

Nancy Brueggeman

“On behalf of Alix and I, it was a pleasure to attend. We wish you all future success. Until we meet again. Take care of yourselves.”

Alix and Juan NavarretteCanada

“I was introduced to IGA at a time in my life when I was ready to take on a new challenge and achieve new heights. I’m anxiously looking forward to my new career and know your help will prove invaluable. Thank you so much.”

Judy Wagner

“Thanks a lot for sharing your wisdom with us. I shall remember my ten days in Denver and hopefully put my new knowledge to good use in the very near future. All the best to you.”

Christian HenneauCanada

“I’ve had a wonderful experience here with you all. I’ve learned more than I could have imagined! I must say I feel ready to “rock and roll” out there and feel this class has solidified my passion for wanting to be a Tour Manager. Thank you so much for everything. While it was hard work it was also fun and rewarding. Thank you for everything! Now it is time to celebrate. Keep in touch.”

Mary Ricketts

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