Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics


The conduct and ethical standards of each International Guide Academy Graduate must reflect the unique responsibilities attached as a representative of IGA and be guided at all times by their contracting company’s policy.

  • ➭ Conduct themselves and act within the areas of expertise and skills that they possess by honestly and fairly representing their professional competency.
  • ➭ Avoid misrepresentation or concealment of useful information.
  • ➭ Refuse to engage in, or to encourage, activities that compromise IGA and/or any company contracting their services.
  • ➭ Treat all tour members equally and without prejudice regardless of her/his national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability.
  • ➭ At all times meet the dress code and personal behavior that professionally represents the company contracting their services.
  • ➭ Keep and maintain accurate records and information that shall be available, consistent with contractual obligations, to each contracting company or individual.
  • ➭ Not engage in any activity that is, or would create, a conflict of interest.
  • ➭ Be aware of and provide all services to satisfy the needs and expectations of tour members, as delineated by the pax itinerary and hiring company brochure.
  • ➭ Honor all commitments both written and oral, in spirit and intent, and strive to assure clarity and mutual understanding of all contractual relationships.
  • ➭ Pursue continuing professional and/or self-education to maintain personal and professional excellence.
  • ➭ Seek and maintain an equitable, honorable, and cooperative association with all persons who are a part of the International Tour Director’s business and professional life.
  • ➭ Share knowledge, expertise and skills to further the advancement of the tourism industry.

* Always follow the Hiring Company Policy and recognize it can, and probably will, change from company to company.

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